If you didn't need mastering you probably wouldn't be here.

I've been mastering audio for many years and I've discovered the fastest way to sell a job is to do a free mastering demo.

Send me a track and I'll show you my work

If you have specific questions you'd like me to address, just call or email.


Gary Applegate

File Formats

I can work with stereo files in any popular format, however it's best if you send full bandwidth files with peaks no higher than -3db.

Preferably 16 Bit 44.1 kHz or better in the Wav or AIFF format.

Mastering rates are $29.95 per song. (Up to 6 minutes in length.) Turnaround is typically 24 hours.


After payment is complete, you'll receive a link to the upload page.

Mastering Demystified

Mastering is the process of placing the songs of your project in the correct order and matching the relative volume and tone of each song. Mastering also includes adjusting the space between each track on your CD, as well as increasing the clarity and definition of the instruments in your music.

Audio mastering will help eliminate sibilance (too much ssssss) and plosives. (Loud puffs of air in the microphone.)

Mastering consoleThe mastering process often includes adjusting your intros, endings and fadeouts, and typically raises the average volume of the entire project.

You need mastering if you want your music to sound as defined and full as the major label guys.

Applegate Audio Mastering